An exploration of the Soul Sciences

from a non denominational perspective

In a spiritual sense, humanity is terminally ill.  The disease is refusal to live in cooperation with cosmic law, for we have forgotten who we are and why we are here. Science and materialism have become the new religion displacing spirituality, yet growing numbers are seeking a return to the indefinable ‘something more’ through the Soul Sciences. In these challenging times quantum science is increasingly validating the ancient wisdom which can at last be shared by all.

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The STEPS Programme was received through a higher stream of consciousness in 1995 and has been disseminated globally since that time. Join us to action the Light of understanding so urgently needed in this time.


A  comprehensive non denominational 
Spiritual Coalition
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The website explores the soul sciences through informative articles with blogs on our Quantum Light social media platform., videos at our Rainbow Light Studio YouTube channel and broadcasts on our Paranormal Matters radio channel.  Books and training manuals with a focus on healing and the spiritual evolution of mankind are published through Epiphany Press. Validated research into the continuity of consciousness and metaphysical healing is published on our sister website, Living Memory Research Trust.

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