Truth and Light Chronicles

By Carol Lamb

We stand on the brink of disaster or a spiritual renewal as we approach the end of a major astrological cycle and a new Age.  How is it possible that the dates of major world events including 9/11 are charted in the stones of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, a coded message for our generation today.

Is there a Divine Plan and what of the continuity of the soul?  Does a God ordained hierarchy of spiritual Masters continue patiently to guide the people of Earth, to steer us towards our fullest potential?  Do we accept the Geometry Of Divinity or subscribe to the theory of chaos?  Are we held in the palm of a Creator or in the grip of the ‘little gods’ of science?

Prophecy reminds the soul of its destiny to sound a warning, while allowing the free will with which we are endowed to operate.  We should have a care, for an ordered Cosmos is of infinitely greater importance than the individual rights afforded to this small corner of this galaxy.  The choice lies before us: war and potential annihilation or to aspire to the highest and the best, to become co-creators of a new reality.

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