STEP  12

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‘Minimum  effort  –  Maximum  Grace’

Mastery is the ability to remain undisturbed by adverse influence, environment or opinion and denotes exceptional ability to sustain the highest standard over time.

The degree of Mastery attained

is measured in the specific arena

by comparison with others.

A great athlete might demonstrate great physical prowess, while an Olympic athlete must excel at the physical, emotional and mental level and sustain the standard.  A unique artist may show unusual aptitude and innovation, yet this would indicate originality rather than mastery in the chosen profession.  One who has attained mastery has honed an inherent gift through rigorous, disciplined practice and commitment, setting a standard towards which others may strive.


                            Music - Mozart                 Art - Michelangelo            Science - Einstein

                            Oratory - Martin Luther King             Sculpting - Leonardo da Vinci

                                          Opera - Luciano Pavarotti          Astronomy - Galileo

                                                              Language - Shakespeare

Today the term ‘Master’ is commonly misused e.g. we refer to a ‘Reiki Master’ to describe someone who has completed a course of instruction in energy field balancing, when in reality this would be but one brick in the pyramid of knowledge of this subject.

Gurus,  Saints  and  Masters

We  should  not  confuse  mastery  in  the  physical  realm

with  spiritual  mastery

Gurus and saints are those who have been acknowledged by the world in recognition of their mastery over earthly challenges, commonly attributed to an unusual devotion and divine influence.

Mastery does not of itself imply goodness.  One who has mastery over the material world but wields it for personal gain is inverting the energy.  Extreme examples of this would be degenerate occult practices e.g. satanism, black magic, voodoo; the manipulation of elemental forces used to influence or exert control over individuals or communities.

Spiritual  Masters

In its true sense the term ‘spiritual master’ is bestowed in spiritual realms, however it is also granted by earthly followers, at times mistakenly.  True spirituality comes from within, it evolves slowly and is dependent upon deep consideration and repeated testing to develop faith and belief.

A true spiritual teacher provides a prescribed, tried and tested formula to allow the student to progress within a disciplined framework, while testing his or her beliefs.

Where a slavish dependency rather than personal responsibility is encouraged followers become increasingly vulnerable to manipulation.  In the hunger and search for spiritual alternatives seekers should practice discernment to avoid the mind techniques of self seeking cults.


Simplicity  and  joy  expressed  in  a  ready  smile

An  open  heart  and  spontaneous  action

Present  and  Willing


Seeks  no  ‘show’  or  glory

Rejects  personal  adoration

Lives  simply

Speaks  calmly

Exudes  joy

Gives  freely

Honours  choice

Is  unattached  to  followers


Elevate  themselves  with  the  teaching

Deny  other  paths

Draw  energy  from  their  followers

Bask  in  the  reflected  glory  of  the  light

Manipulate  followers


These are the spiritually evolved beings who have overcome all the challenges of the material world and no longer have any requirement to reside on Earth.  These elder brothers and sisters have elected to retain a connection with the Earth to assist the evolution of  mankind.  They continue to guide and direct all who desire their help.  They include those we recognise as the ones who have led the people to freedom and justice throughout history in their many guises.  Their motive is pure and selfless, expressed as unconditional love.

The Masters reside in etheric retreats, they hold a focus of light through a global network of planetary hubs located above specific geophysical points on the planetary grid.  This provides in effect a global communication system through which the Masters may connect with their students.

Those who wish to give allegiance to this spiritual hierarchy are contacted through meditation and during the sleep state to receive guidance and instruction.  Following a period of disciplined application, testing and initiation the purpose of the life is gradually revealed along with opportunities for service.  All of this may first be dimly perceived at inner levels with a gradual awakening at the  conscious level. 

Humility  is  the  hallmark  of  true  spirituality

‘Knowledge  without  humility  is  the  rock  on  which  the  soul  is  dashed’


An avatar is one who appears on the world stage as a spiritual teacher of wisdom.  According to the sacred calendars of time mankind is guided and led, step by step through successive Ages of hundreds of thousands of years.  Astrology, a divine science in it’s true form charts the cycles and Ages to show the cosmic influences affecting humanity.  According to Hindu and Buddhist tradition the commencement of a new Age is marked by a divine incarnation to mark the transition.

The Piscean Age was marked by the birth of Jesus Christ, his divine nature recognised by those who chose to follow his teaching on Peace and Love.  For Christians he is God incarnate, for others he represents one aspect of incarnated divinity of Masters guiding the Earth while for some he is  the ultimate demonstration of spiritual mastery, a pattern for all to follow.

The end of the Piscean Age marks the transition to the Age of Aquarius and a new Golden Age.  While ‘New Agers’ joyfully anticipate a new dawn of spiritual awareness and feel the quickening of those energies we must remember that birth is a slow and at times painful process.  A glance at the Hindu sacred calendar reminds us that ‘an Age’ in human terms represents thousands of years.  The birth pangs have only just begun.  Just as the mother in labour is encouraged to ‘Breathe’ to hasten the birth of the child, we must collectively breathe to a new rhythm to birth the consciousness of the new Age.


Jesus Christ

Christ is a title which means ‘anointed’





The voice

The movement

The manner

The countenance





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