STEP  11

STEPS Foundation Programme


“What we do today – echoes in eternity”

Cosmic energy flows as concentric spirals,

a steady and continuous movement of dual action,

a rise and fall of  increasing and decreasing acceleration.

This is described in Hindu philosophy as the ‘Breath of God’

This  IN  and  OUT  breath  of  Universal  flow  governs  all  life

The principle of the spiral formation is demonstrated in sacred geometry and can be seen in every aspect of creation from a cell to a leaf or a shell, through our DNA and to the galaxies.

Nautilus Spiral

This dual spiral is a balance of an outward (centrifugal) and an inner (centripetal) force which surrounds, holds and contains all things. 

The creative principle and the reforming principles of evolution.

Cosmic Geometry

We are a microcosm of universal energy, our nature is duality, we carry within us the upward spiral of creative connection and the downward spiral which separates and reforms. 

The energies are neutral, an opportunity for growth. 

It is our perception which makes them appear positive or negative;

experienced as opportunity or restriction.

Dual Flow of Energy
Energy Man


If we accept consciousness beyond the body we may be willing to consider the reality of a higher purpose and a pre conceived plan for the individual life.  In addition to age old wisdom there is now a wealth of evidential experience for the continuity of consciousness beyond the death of the body and also for pre-conception memory or ‘life planning’.  This is an explanation for the ‘out of body’ and  ‘tunnel experiences where a message is received that ‘this is not your time’ or ‘you have work to complete’.  Such an encounter pre-supposes a plan of some kind and this is confirmed by those who have been able to access altered states of consciousness to remember planning the life under direct benign guidance.

Such information is specifically encoded beyond the brain to ensure it is not corrupted by the intellectual mind.  It can be accessed or ‘downloaded’ via the subtle energy bodies to the cellular body when the individual has progressed to a point of acknowledging a higher wisdom beyond the lower mind.  When we choose to connect by listening rather than debating our opinions we receive insights, a deeper understanding of our true spiritual essence and nature. 



Pre-destination is not fixed, the Life Plan is not a matter of fate but is at all times subject to the free will of the individual.  It has been compared by a higher authority to a road map; the potential destination may have already been agreed, how or whether we choose to make the journey is up to us.  At strategic points in the energetic cycle we come to junction points which present us with choice.  These might be likened to the cross roads and roundabouts on the road map; we can turn left or right, go forward or go round in a circle to exit at the same point to repeat our journey.

Karma is the imprint of past experience, both positive and negative.  Since all lives are a continuous journey we meet our friends and our old adversaries along the way.  This is the opportunity to complete unfinished business, to fulfill a mission and to create harmony out of past conflict.  If this is perceived negatively we avoid the meeting, where we are unable to resolve the difficulty the energy subsides only to resurface at a later point in the cycle…  another opportunity for reconciliation.


Choice  and  Change

The governing cycles turn regardless of our preference or opinion.  They present themselves endlessly to individuals, to communities and to nations as an opportunity for growth.  The essence of the fast approaching Aquarian Age of the current astrological cycle is UNITY and offers unprecedented opportunities for reconciliation and integration.  This will be increasingly observed at a personal level and on the international stage as the old opposition energy of division loses equilibrium and falters, to make way for the reunification energy of the new Age.  This is an energy of TRANSITION and will take time, we can expect turbulence and conflict as the old oppressive systems fall.  Out of this will come a new beginning.

Dalai  Lama:  Finding  Purpose  in  Life



We can choose to ‘go with the flow’ or oppose it



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