The anchoring of the soul in the physical dimension.

Soul matrix.  Gender, sexuality and reproduction.


RED             (Physical level)

WHITE        (Etheric vibration)

Physically grounded - anchoring light in the spine.

Positive self image - quietly confident.

Gender clarity.

Respects all aspects of Creation.

Defends and protects the vulnerable.

Lacks stability - weakness to lumbar spine.

Low self image - uncertainty.

Confused sexual identity.

Hostility towards opposite sex / Godhead / life force.

Defensive - anticipates attack.

Potentially violent - aggressive.

Disconnection / isolation.

The Process

We are moving away from the dual pull of light and darkness towards REINTEGRATION with the light - our Higher Self.  We can prolong the struggle indefinitely or we can submit to the light.  This is the ‘dark night of the soul’ described by saints and mystics throughout time; it is the journey home.  We must learn to recognise what arises from the lesser self or ego and what emanates from the highest aspect of consciousness.


According to the accumulated wisdom handed down as esoteric teaching, the higher aspect of the soul resides in Light; the soul is multi dimensional and evolves by incarnating into a physical form to meet the challenges of life.  The soul is travelling an evolutionary path to expand conscious awareness of its origins and potential; this requires an understanding of the realms and spheres beyond the limited physical senses of both the visible and the invisible worlds.  The soul not presently in a physical body resides at the vibration to which its consciousness corresponds.  There are many dimensions of the spirit, to quote Jesus “In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you.”

At the end of a physical life the soul is accompanied by angels and guides to a place of teaching where the life just passed can be understood.  On completion of this the soul moves to another dimension where it is prepared for the next physical life or to operate in the non physical world as a guide or a teacher.  There is a specific energy sheath which corresponds to the place where the soul receives the Life Plan guidance, receiving instruction from Master Guides as to what it has achieved in other lives in order to understand its strengths and vulnerabilities and also what opportunities will be available in the coming life experience.

Souls incarnate as family or soul groups evolving together through time and space.  Each soul is accompanied through successive lives by a personal angel often referred to as a guardian angel.  This is an eternal companion who will never abandon the soul and does as much to smooth the journey as the personality will allow.  Angels are celestial beings acting as the intermediary between heaven and earth; angelic bands minister to humanity unceasingly and can be called upon at any time for assistance.  Their sole purpose is to be agents of God’s love, to intercede in times of difficulty by bringing peace and healing and to strengthen resolve to fulfill the life’s mission.


Governing  Chakra


Positive qualities

Negative aspects

What is the Purpose of the Ego?

The ego is neither positive or negative it is a neutral force.  It is our friend.  Its purpose is to strengthen our sense of personal identity which may be fragile; when the ego takes over however we have an inflated sense of our own importance.  The ego is meant to be the companion and not the guide on our journey.  The ego accompanies us on our journey from childhood, holding the hand and comforting and protecting us from dangers.  With spiritual maturity we must learn to stand alone to make our own choices; alone yet not alone for with each step towards the light we are strengthened by the light and all that is contained within it.

The separation process may be lengthy, we will require the support of spiritual companions since worldly companions and pursuits will simply draw us further into the material world with its materialistic values.  This process has been likened to a death, it is more accurately described as a birth; we are literally reborn as light transcends the darkness.  The true meaning of ‘born again’.


We will be tried in many ways before we can begin the process of self transformation.  We must slay many dragons along the way, they come in many guises but carry only one name - Illusion.  Slowly we come to recognise our dragons, they may appear within our family, among our colleagues or may masquerade collectively under the banners of religion, political or social reform or race, class and gender issues.  In reality our reaction should be our only concern for this will be the reflection of what lies within.

As we reach the spiritual crossroads we must take leave of our companion, the ego as our childhood friend, for we then must walk alone.  At this point our friend will be reluctant to leave; when we insist on parting company, the reluctance becomes defiance, we are now engaged in a battle with the ego.  The battle must be won and it is the soul and not the ego which must win.  The stronger the ego the greater the battle and since a strong sense of personal identity is a requirement to place our foot upon the stepping stones to spiritual maturity we can expect to feel great pain and loss as we strive to separate from our former ‘self identity’.  It is an illusion for the ego is not the self;  ego is of the mind, our true nature is divine.  When we can rid ourselves of the illusions of the mind we become free.

  1. One who is still looking but has not yet found.

  2. One who is examining, considering possibilities.

  3. Moving from one philosophy, teacher and teaching to another.

  4. One who is as yet unwilling to accept a teacher or the spiritual hierarchy.

  5. Perpetual search until there is acceptance of spiritual hierarchy.


Recognised by:

Endless search and endless questioning.


  1. Refuses spiritual direction which is seen as control.

  2. Seeks knowledge as opposed to wisdom.

  3. Manipulates circumstances and events to avoid commitment.



Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us, it is in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson

Often attributed to the inaugural speech of Nelson Mandela




Stepping Stones

There are definite stepping stones on the spiritual path.  It is important to identify them in order to assess personal progress.  While we should never attempt to judge others there is a need for discernment to avoid negative influence.  Once we begin to question beyond the limitations of bodily consciousness we begin to increase our awareness of natural law.  We will progress according to our capacity to understand.  Our understanding is limited solely by our willingness to surrender to Divine Law.  This has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with humility.  In order to accept truth we must set aside our preconceptions releasing what no longer serves our spiritual growth.  At each step we develop a degree of mastery, moving on to a more disciplined and demanding stage.  Spiritual insights develop in direct relationship to our degree of self mastery.  We progress at different rates at different times, sometimes painstakingly slowly at other times we accelerate at great speed.  Both states bring their own pain and their own reward.

Identification with light accelerates the light within the auric field and the physical body, this flushes up the darkness, or shadow, karmic patterns of negativity not previously acknowledged.  At this point we are faced with choice; transmute the negativity or retreat to the previous state.  The practitioner must sustain the light within to progress, this can only be accomplished through diligent practice and the sacrifice of former negative habits.  We are building a new and lighter body as we shed our old skin.


STEPS Foundation Programme

  1. One who has recognised a Master and a teaching.

  2. Is now willing to be disciplined.

  3. Is attempting to master negative patterns through a disciplined recognition.

  4. Attempts patience.

  5. Has not yet accepted positive use of personal power which remains dormant or unbridled.

  6. Attempts to integrate spiritual discipline in order to sustain constant insight.

  1. Has found the Master.

  2. Infuses spirituality into daily life.

  3. Manifests inner peace and equilibrium.

  4. Has the ability to release past disciplines and experiences impeding advancement.

  5. No longer defines boundaries through religious affiliation or psychological perspectives.

  6. Relinquishes position with grace, preferring invisibility but accepts any role.

  7. Not sidetracked by psychic experience.

  8. Achieves mastery over lower subtle realms by acknowledging all aspects of life.

  9. Former intuitive flashes become sustained awareness.

  10. Consciousness transcends thought.

Recognised by:

Truthfulness, compassion, non violence and generosity of spirit.


  1. Spiritual striving leading to imbalance.

  2. May become overwhelmed, refuse to accept a slower pace and then give up.

  3. Spiritual pride may lead them to believe themselves to be of greater attainment than they truly are.

  4. Spiritual rivalry dividing communities.

  5. Pseudo master leads to cult following - spiritual enslavement.

Recognised by:

Balance and tolerance.

Walks the talk.

Being and knowing.


  1. Desire for Guru position.

  2. Susceptibility to flattery by followers.

Recognised by:

Simplicity, tranquillity, spontaneity.

Respect for all aspects of life.


  1. Guru attachment to followers.



SAGE (enlightenment)















  1. No sense of struggle, relinquishes control.

  2. Has overcome duality

  3. Non reactive under all conditions.

  4. Loss and gain accepted with equilibrium.

  5. Solitude enjoyed with serenity.

  6. Intuits vision.

  7. Radiates enlightenment.





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