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East and West, Past and Present

In the chaos and confusion of the 21st century it would seem that in a spiritual sense, humanity is terminally ill.  The disease is refusal to live in cooperation with cosmic law, for we have forgotten who we are and why we are here.  Science and materialism have become the new religion displacing spirituality, yet growing numbers are seeking a return to the indefinable ‘something more’, the spark of divinity which is the soul.

Channelled guidance is as old as mankind, takes many forms and is received in many ways, including guided writing, clairaudience or direct audio/visual contact. The STEPS programme was received as a combination of all of the above and is one part of ongoing guidance received from the mid 1980s. The content is passed on as directed in the hope that it will encourage and support the spiritual journey of many. The STEPS programme offers a practical self help guide to align body wisdom, mental discipline and soul awareness. Discernment is the true test of the soul. It is for each of us to personally validate channeling to interpret its worth.

Always Question.

Is it based in Respect for all?

Is it benign or does it denigrate others?

Does it offer guidance or demand allegiance?

Does it encourage personal discipline or flatter the ego?


STEPS to Freedom

The STEPS Programme

  1. Provides a ladder by which we can ascend to higher dimensions by attuning the subtle energy system of the body.

  2. A self help component is included at each Step explaining the interaction between the subtle energy system and cognitive and sensory response.

  3. The Emerald Alignment, provides a safe and effective self help method to, align body wisdom, mental discipline and soul awareness.

We Invite you to join us

    in the Revolution to Higher Consciousness

Channelled Communication

What is happening to the world?